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A Melancholy Celebration of Twenty Years of Marriage

A few times in my life I’ve had a pit in my stomach; a feeling that things were about to change in ways I couldn’t dream of, with experiences I couldn’t fathom. When Tom left Nha Trang, Vietnam last May after … Continue reading

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Full-Circle Snowboarding

I was a little self-indulgent today by attempting to re-create that snowboard photo many, many years later. It’s not in the exact same parking lot, but the idea is the same: being super-stoked about snowboarding! Today was the first day … Continue reading

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Holy learning curve, Batman!

So, who remembers the first day they tried to do something that was completely new? Skateboarding? Skydiving? Reading? Balancing a checkbook? Driving? Child birth? We all can dredge our mental archives for a “first time” experience that threw us into … Continue reading

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