Tanah Lot

Tana Lot

If you’re a temple whore like me you will not miss Tanah Lot. Everyone in Bali knows about it, has just been there, or is planning a trip there around sunset time within the next couple of days.

Tanah Lot is literally a Hindu temple on the sea. The best (read: only) way to reach it at or around sunset time without sitting for hours in traffic is to hire an ojek for the breezy round-trip on the back of a motorbike. You will weave your way easily through the tour buses, taxis, and cars full of temple-crawling tourists.

Tanah Lot is a must-stop on many organized tours of Bali, so be prepared to run the gamut through the tchotchke stalls, corn on a stick hawkers, and other tourists.  If you hit it on a day with the right cloud/ sun ratio you are in for a treat.

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